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Google Classroom

Welcome to our Google Classroom page. This is our new platform for online learning and we are very excited for you to be a part of it.


Here you will find Miss Starkey has created helpful tutorial videos that will guide you through how to join our Google Classroom, view your work that has been set by your teachers and hand it in to be marked. 


You can also download a PDF Guide to Google Classroom here. 


If you have any problems or questions or you need a reminder of your Google Classroom login details please ask an adult to e-mail us at:


Click on the picture above when you are ready to visit our Google Classroom.

Tutorial 1:

How do I log on to Google Classroom?

Tutorial 2:

How do I answer a quiz assignment?

Tutorial 3:

How do I complete and hand in a word document?

Tutorial 4:

How do I answer a question my teacher has asked? 

Tutorial 5:

How do I see my marks and feedback? 

Tutorial 6:

What do I do if I accidentally delete my work or forget to submit completed work? 

Tutorial 7:

How do I upload a photo, video, link, picture or file from my device to Google Classroom and hand it in?

Tutorial 8:

How do I complete and create my own Jamboard?

Scroll back up to the top of this page, click on the picture and you will be taken to our Google Classroom.