Elsley Primary School

Tokyngton Avenue, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 6HT

020 8902 8003



Elsley Primary Staff 2023/24

Senior Leadership Team


Mr R. Moss


Miss C. Boamah

Deputy Headteacher

Curriculum Leader

Year 5 & 6 Leader

Mrs K. Mulji

Deputy Headteacher


Reception & Year 1 Leader

Ms S. Tyndale

Assistant Headteacher

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Nursery & Year 2 Leader

Ms A. Campbell

Assistant Headteacher

Year 3 Leader

Mrs Z. Obaydi

Interim Assistant Headteacher

Year 4 Leader


Admin and School Support Team

Ms M. Moore


Admissions Office

Mrs G. Sullivan


PA to Headteacher

Ms I. Mitchell


Attendance Office

Mr K. Maddison Site Manager
Mr O. Tugal Site Manager
Ms P. Mehta Welfare Officer
Mrs S. Elsawy-Butt Family Support Worker

Mr T. Sirhan

(Corblade Technologies)

IT Manager

Chef Lucia

(Harrison's Catering)

Catering Manager

Early Years Team

Mrs K. Patel Nursery Teacher
Ms F. Lakha Reception Teacher (RL)
Ms Y. Rashid Reception Teacher (RR)
Ms R. Dahir Reception Teacher (RD)
Ms S. Ali Reception Teacher (RA)
Ms N. Daniel  Reception Support Teacher
Ms R. Bartok Nursery TA
Mrs K. Augustynowicz Reception TA
Miss M. Gordon Reception TA
Mrs J. Ramgi Reception TA

Key Stage 1 Team

Ms L. Ablitt Year 1 Teacher (1LA)
Ms S. Khan Year 1 Teacher (1K)
Ms A. Vasdev

Year 1 Teacher (1AV)

Behaviour Leader

Mrs M. Vernon Year 1 Teacher (1V)
Ms A. Ahmed Year 2 Teacher (2A)
Mrs E. Arab Year 2 Teacher (2EA)
Mrs T. Hamilton Year 2 Teacher (2H)
Mrs D. Randhawa Year 2 Teacher (2R)
Ms H. Muse Year 2 Teacher (2R)
Mrs P. Badrakia Year 1 TA
Mrs N. Butt

Year 1 TA

EY/KS1 Playtime Supervisor

Ms L. Chabani Year 1 TA
Ms I. Grant Year 1 TA
Mrs M. Mahmood Year 1 TA
Miss I. Abdi  Year 2 TA
Mrs G. Bourke

 Year 2 TA


Mrs N. Fernandes  Year 2 TA
Ms S. Jaffer  Year 2 TA
Mrs S. Tellia  Year 2 TA
Mrs S. Patel Year 2 TA

Lower Key Stage 2 Team

Mrs K. Felix Year 3 Teacher (3F)
Mrs R. Ramanovskyte Year 3 Teacher (3R)
Ms S. Saler Year 3 Teacher (3JS)
Ms N. Shaheen Year 3 Teacher (3S)
Ms K. Stewart Year 3 Teacher (3JS)
Ms A. Ferati Year 3 Support Teacher
Ms H. Choi Year 4 Teacher (4C)
Mrs C. Duncan-Solomons Year 4 Teacher (4DS)
Ms H. Fenech Year 4 Teacher (4F)
Ms J. Rioux Year 4 Teacher (4R)
Ms M. Ashton Year 3 TA
Ms F. Jahangir Year 3 TA
Ms M. Muafey Year 3 TA
Miss T. Pitter Year 3 TA
Mr M. Habib Year 4 TA
Mrs L. Nakibullah Year 4 TA
Ms H. Dulabh Year 4 TA

Upper Key Stage 2 Team

Mr G. Bradwell Year 5 Teacher (5B)
Mrs A. Dane-Liebesny Year 5 Teacher (5DL)
Mrs N. Hossain Year 5 Teacher (5H)
Ms C. Owens Year 5 Teacher (5O)
Ms M. Henry  Year 6 Teacher (6H)
Mrs K. Manga Year 6 Teacher (6M)
Mrs R. Patel Year 6 Teacher (6P)
Mr O. Rafique Year 6 Teacher (6R)
Miss S. Abdi Year 5 TA
Mrs K. Tolia Year 5 TA
Mr E. Al-Daghir Year 6 TA
Mrs S. Hersi

Year 6 TA

KS2 Playtime Supervisor

Specialist Teachers

Mrs M. Cronin Early Years & SENDO Specialist
Mr T. Cumming PE Specialist & PSHE Leader
Mrs M. Davies Music Specialist
Mr J. Fraser Computing Specialist
Ms A. Patel Farm Specialist
Mrs D. Vithlani French Specialist
Coach Anis PE Coach

Additional Staff

Mrs R. El-Azizi Midday Supervisor
Mrs S. Parveen Midday Supervisor
Mrs G. Pitroda Midday Supervisor