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Extended Days & Residential Trips

Sleeping away from home is a significant part of Elsley's enhanced curriculum. The residential experience builds up each year, developing children's confidence and independence. 

As this is a valued part of the Elsley enhanced curriculum, we aim for 100% participation. We work closely with parents to overcome any concerns; accommodating medical needs, religious requirements, anxieties, financial difficulties or any other concerns so that we offer to include all children.

Starting with our younger children, there is an 'extended day' experience in which children begin to experience being at school later in the day once it gets dark. They are introduced to the joys of some of the residential experiences such as singing a song or hearing a story around a campfire, before returning home to sleep as normal.

As the children get older, the experience is extended to include an evening meal and then, by Year 4, to sleeping overnight in a tent on the school field. Children develop their skills and qualities of self-confidence and independence, packing and bringing an overnight bag, learning to look after their belongings and working with others to put up and take down a tent. This experience takes place within the safety of the school's own grounds with the familiarity of the location being a comfort to children and their parents.

In Years 5 and 6 these experiences are then further extended by having an overnight experience away from the school setting, further developing the children's confidence and independence.

 We believe extended days and residential trips…


Enhance our children’s classroom learning experiences.

Are an opportunity to teach our school values of Learning, Sharing, Achieving and Respecting in an experiential context.

Build stronger relationships between children and between our staff and children.

Provide our children with an opportunity for personal growth.