Elsley Primary School

Tokyngton Avenue, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 6HT

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Elsley Primary School's Board of Governors is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the school, ensuring that it
complies with the law, and driving improvement in outcomes for the children by acting as a critical friend to the school.

Following an independent, external review of governance, the board was reconstituted forming a smaller more efficient group, operating under the most recent governance regulations, and re-focused on its strategic priorities.

The board of governors welcomes engagement from parents, staff, children and members of the community.
You can contact the Chair of Governors directly at COG@elsley.brent.sch.uk 

No governors currently have governing body roles in other schools or educational institutions (September 2023)

Name Category Appointed by: Term of Office Responsibilities Register of Interests
Raphael Moss Headteacher GB  ex-officio  

Staff member

Cassie Lloyd Perrin Co-opted GB co-opted  October 2025 Chair of GB, Inclusion, Safeguarding none declared
Sue Knowler  Co-opted GB co-opted   June 2025 Vice Chair of GB,
Committee Chair of Teaching & Learning
Assessment, Curriculum
 none declared
Kandeeban Gopalakrishnan Co-opted GB co-opted October 2023

Chair of Finance & Resource Health & Safety

none declared
Keisha Bellingy Co-opted  GB co-opted  November 2024   none declared
Joana Gjeta Parent Parent election

December 2025

 none declared
Geraldine Bourke Staff Staff election March 2026 staff member
Cleo de Jong Co-opted GB co-opted  March 2026 Maths none declared
Saqib Butt Local Authority Local Authority March 2026 none declared
Philip Brass Co-opted GB co-opted  November 2026 none declared
Angela Joyce De-Souza Parent Parent election June 2027 none declared
Kaniz Mulji adviser (Deputy Head) GB invited n/a non-voting Staff member
Claris Boamah adviser (Deputy Head) GB invited n/a non-voting Staff member
Geraldine Sullivan adviser (Bursar) GB invited (finance) n/a non-voting

Staff member

Neil Paul Co-opted GB co-opted  Stepped down
22nd November 2022

none declared 

Davina Ajana Parent    Parent election Term of office ended
March 2023

none declared


Teaching & Learning committee
Sue Knowler (Chair), Tamar Phillips (Clerk), Cleo de Jong, Keisha Bellingy, Cassie Lloyd Perrin, Joana Gjeta, Raphael Moss (Headteacherand invitees: Kaniz Mulji and Claris Boamah (Deputy Heads).

Finance & Resources Committee
Kandeeban Gopalakrishnan (Chair), Tamar Phillips (Clerk), Sue Knowler, Cassie Lloyd Perrin, Geraldine Bourke, Joana Gjeta, Raphael Moss (Headteacher) and invitees: Geraldine Sullivan (School Bursar), Kaniz Mulji and Claris Boamah (Deputy Heads).

Performance Review and Pay Committee

Tamar Phillips (Clerk), Sue Knowler, Kandeeban Gopalakrishnan,  Cassie Lloyd Perrin, Raphael Moss (Headteacher)


The attendance record for the last academic year can be seen by clicking the attendance register image below: