learning........ sharing........ achieving........ respecting........ Closed for the summer holiday. Term restarts for pupils on Wednesday September 7th 2016

Welcome to Elsley Primary School

We are a popular school in Wembley - close to the iconic stadium. 

At Elsley, we value high-quality learning and achievement,
together with a powerful moral development of sharing and respecting others.

Close to the hustle and bustle of Wembley, our school provides a beautiful contrast, situated in a quiet residential setting,
at the end of a large playing field. We
have two large playgrounds and pleasant, well-maintained gardens.

We are proud of our staff and children's diverse backgrounds,

and we come together with an atmosphere of respect for each other.

We expect children to achieve high standards in all that they do 

and we encourage:
self-discipline and
co-operative learning

Our Ethos and Elsley Values are an important part of what makes our school special:

learning sharing achieving respecting

We have defined what these values mean to us.
To find out more, select 'About Elsley' from the drop-down menu at the top,
then choose 'Ethos and Values.'

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